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Thich Nhu Dien
Master: As Dictionary
Abbot Temple Park, Hannover, Germany
Name: Le Cuong
Dao name: Thich Nhu Dien
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Thich Nhu Dien
Master: As Dictionary
Abbot Temple Park, Hannover, Germany
Name: Le Cuong
Dao name: Thich Nhu Dien
Date and place of birth: June 28, 1949, Xuyen My commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam.
Education: Bachelor of Education and Master of Buddhism in Japan.
Family background: The youngest of 8 children – 5 boys and 3 girls – of Mr. Le Quyen, PD: Thi Te, and Mrs. Ho Thi Kheo, PD: Thi Sac.
The seventh brother was ordained as the Buddha in 1958 at Non Nuoc Pagoda, Da Nang. Currently, Venerable Thich Bao Lac is abbot at Phap Bao Pagoda in Sydney, Australia.
After finishing primary school at the village school, in 1961. Ordained in 1964 at To Dinh Phuoc Lam, Hoi An. Studied Seventh at Dien Hong High School, Hoi An. In 1965, Hoi An Bodhi School was established, the Venerable Master came here to study the 6th class. During the school years from 65 to 68 at Bo Bo School, he was often at the top of his class and at the end of the Fourth year received two important awards from the school.
It is a reward for school-wide academic performance and school-wide conduct. In 1967, he was ordained as a novice at the monastic community of Pho Da pagoda, Da Nang, and was then given the Dharma name by the late Master Most Venerable Thich Long Tri. Tran Quy Cap High School is a public high school in Hoi An, selecting excellent students from private schools from first to fifth, so in the academic year 1968-1969, he went to the third class. A at this school. Then he went to Saigon, resided at Hung Long pagoda at 298 Minh Mang street, now Ngo Gia Tu, studying Buddhism and world studies.
In 1969-1970, he studied second at Cong Hoa High School, led by Professor Pham Van Van, and passed the Baccalaureate I exam that year. In the following school year 1970-1971, he changed to Professor Tran Bich Lan's High School of Literature to study First Division A, this same year, he passed Baccalaureate II, then had a predestined relationship to study abroad in Japan. In 1971, he was ordained as a monk at Quang Duc Monastery, Thu Duc, and was endowed with the Dharma name of Tri Tam by the late Master Venerable Thich Long Tri. Arriving in Japan on February 22, 1972, due to a very modest scholarship grant from the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam in Quang Nam province with the consent of the Central Church through the introduction of Most Venerable Thich Huyen Quang and The late Venerable Master of the Institute of Chemistry and Taoism, Thich Thien Hoa, was at that time.
After 9 months of dancing 3 courses in Japanese, she passed to Teikyo University (De Kinh) in Tokyo majoring in education. In February 1977, graduated with the optimal graduation thesis and continued to pass the entrance exam to the Master of Buddhism at Risso University (Lap Chanh) in Tokyo, studied there for a short time, then went to Germany. Arrived in Germany on April 22, 1977 with a Tourist Visa; but then applied for asylum in Germany and in Germany ever since. Stayed in Kiel for a year to study German at the University of Kiel, then moved to Hannover to continue studying education at the graduate level.
Activities: April 1978 established Vien Giac Buddhist Recitation Hall in Hannover, since then the Venerable Master has taken refuge in more than 7,000 Vietnamese people who have become Buddhists and hundreds of Germans have also come to Buddhism. Up to today, the Venerable Master has 40 ordained disciples, many of whom have graduated with Bachelor's, Master's, Master's and Doctoral degrees from prestigious universities in Europe, Asia and America. The Venerable Master is also the founder of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam in Germany, established the Association of Vietnamese Buddhist Students and Overseas Vietnamese in Germany from 1978, 1979.
Currently in Germany there are 15 temples, more than 70 monks. There are 23 Chapters and 7 Buddhist Families. The Venerable Master was the Branch Minister of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam until 2003, and is currently the Secretary General of the European Buddhist Sangha. As a member of the Dharma Dissemination Department of the World Sangha Council of 36 countries, the head office is located in Taiwan. In 1988, he was ordained to the rank of High Priest at Phap Hoa Pagoda in Marseille, France.
Vien Giac pagoda was started in 1989 and completed in 1993 with a budget of 5 and a half million USD, equivalent to 9 million Duc Ma at that time; due to the contributions of Buddhists across 5 continents. This is a Cultural Center of Vietnamese Buddhism in Overseas today. Every year, about 60 to 70,000 people come to the temple to worship Buddha and study Buddhism as well as participate in great ceremonies. There are also more than 20,000 Germans who have come to the temple to participate in meditation courses, learn and practice Buddhist teachings every year.
The usable area of ​​the temple is about 3,000 square meters. There are 54 rooms and there are many large rooms that can accommodate 50, 100, 300 or 500 people at the same time. This is also the Cultural Center of Vietnamese Buddhism in Germany, with the Vien Giac newspaper published every 2 months. Nearly 6,000 issues are published each time and by 2003 will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Vien Giac Newspaper and Vien Giac Pagoda.
Therefore, the German government has also sponsored a lot over the past 22 years, about 100,000 USD per year to support the activities and cultural programs of Buddhism here. Until 2004, this sponsorship ended and since 2004 until now (2009) Vien Giac newspaper has continued to publish thanks to the contributions of Buddhists everywhere. By April 2009, 170 issues had been published and had a readership in 38 countries around the world.
In addition to Vietnamese, the Venerable Master is fluent in the following languages: Chinese, Mandarin, Japanese, English, French and German; so it is very easy to have diplomacy with native people as well as other ethnic groups. From 1974 to present (2009) the Master has composed 54 works and translations from Vietnamese, English, Chinese and German languages. The work of compilation and translation does not stop here. Because in the coming time, the Venerable Master will spend a lot of time to pay for this.
The following are the works of the Most Venerable Thich Nhu Dien:
1. Vietnamese fairy tales 1 & 2, Japanese language, 1974-1975
3. The first raindrops of summer. Vietnamese language, 1979
4. Surprised. Vietnamese language, 1980
5. History of Vietnamese Buddhism Overseas before and after 1975, Vietnamese & German language 1982
6. Life of the Monk, Vietnamese & German 1983
7. Buddhist, Vietnamese & German-language music ceremony 1984
8. The love of life and religion, Vietnamese language, 1985
9. Learn Buddhist teachings, Vietnamese & German language 1985
10. Spiritual life of Vietnamese Buddhists on bail Vietnam & German Language 1986
11. Road Without Borders, Vietnamese & German Language 1987
12. Pictures of 10 years of Vietnamese Buddhist activities in West Germany Vietnam & German Language 1988
13. Buddha's kindness. Vietnamese language, 1989
14. Study of the Buddhist Sangha in the early period I, II, III translated from Japanese to Vietnamese & German 1990, 1991, 1992
17. Report on the 5th World Congress of Buddhist Sangha I.Vietnamese, English & German language 1993
18. In the middle of the golden palace, Vietnamese language.,1994
19. Vien Giac Pagoda. Vietnamese language, 1994
20. Vien Giac Pagoda, Duc Ngu, 1995
21. The case of a monk. Vietnamese language, 1995
22. Quan Am Pagoda (Canada) Vietnamese language, 1996
23. Buddhism and People. Vietnamese & German language, 1996
24. European catechism course 9. Vietnamese & German language, 1997
25. Following in the footsteps of old. Vietnamese language, 1998 (Chinese Pilgrimage I)
26. Life and death according to Buddha's concept Church. Vietnamese & German language, 1998
27. Meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama Vietnamese & German language. 1999
28. Vong old people floor. Vietnamese language, 1999 (Chinese Pilgrimage II)
29. Yes and No. Vietnamese & German language, 2000
30. Dai Bi Sutra translated from Chinese into Vietnamese & German, 2001
31. Buddha theory of Bodhisattva practice in the Realm of Convenience Than Thong Transforming Sutra, translating from Chinese to Vietnamese ,2001
32.Bhutan what's strange?. Vietnamese language,2001
33. Kinh Dai Phuong Quang General Tri translated from Chinese to Vietnamese, 2002
34. Thank you Germany.,Vietnamese & German, 2002
35. Editorial letter of Vien Giac Newspaper for 25 years (1979-2004)
36. Bon Su Kinh, translated from Chinese to Vietnamese, 2003
37. Short texts written in the past 25 years, Vietnamese & German, 2003
38. Phat Bo De Tam Kinh Luan, translated from Chinese to Vietnamese, 2004
39. Dai West Voc Ky Street, Translated from Han Van into Vietnamese Language, 2004
40. How to become a good person, Vietnamese language, 2004
41. Under the Bodhi Tree, Vietnamese language, 2005
42. Mahayana Collection of Bodhisattvas Study Law , translated from Chinese to Vietnamese, 2005
43. Bodhi Tu Luong Luan, translated from Chinese to Vietnamese, 2005
44. Buddha's Commentary on the founding of the world, translated from Chinese to Vietnamese, 2006
45. Giai
Nhan & Venerable, Vietnamese Language, 2006 46. ​​Japanese Lam Te Zen, translated from Japanese to Vietnamese Language, 2006
47. Treatise on the path of liberation, translated from Chinese to Vietnamese, 2006
48. Treatise on the four truths, translated from Chinese to Vietnamese, 2007
49. Pure Land Buddhism in Japan, translated from Japanese into Vietnamese Language, 2007
50. Japanese Taoism, translation from Japanese to Vietnamese, 2008
51. Buddhism and Science, Vietnamese Language, 2008
52. French Language, Vietnamese Language, 2008
53. Inspirational story samples by Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, translated from Japanese to Vietnamese, 2009
54. Nhat Lien Tong Japan, translated from Japanese to Vietnamese, 2009
Although he worked a lot, composed enthusiastically, had a lot of eloquence, lectured, taught, etc., he always humbly said that he was a farmer from his hometown of Quang; and during that activity, the Master always vowed that: I am a river to carry the turbidity of life and will be the ground to bear the impurities of the world.
On June 28, 2008, at Dai Gioi Phap Chuyen Temple held at Vien Giac Temple Hannover, Germany, he was ordained by the European Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam to the priesthood for his merits of practice. and preaching for more than 40 years.
If you want to contact the Most Venerable Thich Nhu Dien or want to visit the website of Vien Giac Pagoda, please visit the following address:
Vien Giac Pagoda
Karlsruherstr. 6
30519 Hannover – GERMANY
Tel. 0511 / 879630 – Fax 0511 / 8790963

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