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May I ask the Buddha can atone for anyone?


The Buddha did not promise that He could atone for anyone. Why?

For example:

The father said to the judge, "Can I atone for my son?" So, does the judge agree? Certainly not. Because his son committed a crime, he will be sentenced. On the contrary, the son said to the judge: "Can I go to prison instead of my father?" Certainly, He does not agree.

If the father said to the judge "May I die to atone for my son's sins?" Certainly not. If the father killed himself, it is a personal matter, but the judge must comply with the national law. If the father killed himself, then the King of the hell would accuse the father of murder.

          Those who commit a crime will get punishments. So the Buddha, the God can not replace you or anyone to get punishments, because they did not commit any crimes. So no one sentences them. If you continue to create sins all the time, no one is able to atone for you forever.

The Buddha taught you how to atone for yourself. He taught human beings to stop doing any evil and to create good karmas.

For example, No killing human beings and animals; No stealing, No sexual misconduct, not to lie, No use of alcohol, etc. If you can do these deeds, then no police look for you. In this way, your sins will be ended.

          In short, the Buddha taught people to stop doing sin. So He instructed them how they made atonement for themselves.


Namo Amitabha Buddha!


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