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Dear Master!
Someone asked me: "How to know that person is a Saint?”. How do I answer?
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Namo Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha!
Dear Buddhists!
We don't know who the Saint is. Only Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Arahats are able to know they are Saints. Only They can canonize those saints. Likewise, only medical professors can award a doctor's degree to medical students.
As we know Bodhisattvas and Arahats never say: “I was a Saint or a supreme”. So we can not at all say who is a Saint. Only the Buddha knew that he was an Arahant and a Bodhisattva. Only the Buddha can certify that they are Saints.
Ordinary people dare to recognize someone as Saint or supreme, for which they have nothing to prove. So this man lied. Ordinary people dare to canonize someone as a saint that is even more wrong.
In Buddhism, we consider a Saint and an Arahat are similar. So that, the Buddha taught how to know a Saint, an Arahat, a holy one as following:
I - History:
We must investigate whether this man has a history or not? If they didn't have a history, this person isn't real. Why? Because, a person without history is a person who has no parents, nobody, no one knows where he is. If they don't have a human body, no one can see, no one knows how good or bad that person is. If they don't have a human body, how can they teach the teachings to others? So, one without history is without body and teachings. They are not real people.
II – What is a Saint?
If this person has a real history, then we should find out what the moral character of a Saint is.
1 – The Saint or the Divine does not kill people and things.
2 - Saint do not steal.
3 - Saints do not covet love, do not engage in sexual intercourse with anyone.
4 - Saint does not lie, does not speak harshly, does not speak with a double tongue.
5 – Saint does not drink alcohol, use intoxicants, and gamble.
6 – Saint do not violate national laws.
7 - A saint is a person who has no affliction, no suffering.
8 - A saint is someone who is not greedy, does not hate, is not delusional, does not love, does not hate, is not selfish, is not jealous, is not deceitful, is not stingy, is not arrogant, etc.
9 - A saint is someone who is enlightened to the truth. Truth is the truth of life and the truth of the true mind.
10 - A saint is someone whose mind is completely pure and silences because they practice meditation and they always live in samadhi.
11 - A saint is a liberated one, no rebirth. No rebirth means that they are not reborn in samsara. They want to live or die as they please.
12 – Saints are wise. They have the ability to destroy afflictions, suffering, greed, anger, delusion, etc. in their mind. In general the destruction of ignorance.
13 - A saint is someone who has attained Arahantship, who has attained Nirvana (Nirvana is the pure state of the true mind).
14 - Practitioners who have attained Sainthood have six magical powers such as 1. He could see far, 2. He could hear far, 3. He could know other people's minds, 4. He could know the past and future of others, 5. He has supernatural powers of transformation, 6. He had full wisdom to teach sentient beings.
III - What is Saint`s cultivation?
The Buddha taught us to believe in the law of cause and effect. It means:
“Sow evil; suffer evil.
Sow charity; get good results.
Sow pure seed; achieve purity.
Purity is a holy fruit”.
If someone introduces you to this person as a Saint or a Divine One, then you can ask: “How could you know he became a Saint?; What do they practice? Thereby, we know that there is no one who does not study or practice but becomes a doctor, dentist, or master. What's more, there is no one who doesn't study or practice, but they naturally become Saints. If someone had no cultivation, they could naturally become a saint. So, that Saint was the false Saint. Those saints were sanctified by believers. But they had no practices. They were not really Saints.
Almost all of The Saints practice three deeds: Cultivating precepts, cultivating concentration, and cultivating wisdom.
1) Cultivation precepts: is the elimination of all evil, the cessation of the karma of samsara.
2) Meditation practice: is to purify the mind.
3) Cultivating wisdom: is the eradication of ignorance, afflictions, suffering, greed, hatred, delusion, etc.
IV - Ability:
If that person is a Saint, then can he guide you to become a Saint? If not. So, this Saint is not really capable. He just has a name. They are false saints.
All Saints are those who have attained Arahantship. They all have the ability to teach people to cultivate to become an Arahat. So, they are truly capable people, true saints.
VII – Theory:
We have to find out if they have a doctrine or not. His teachings are in accordance with the truth and the right way.
In short, you would like to recognize someone as a Saint, so you have to research the Saint by 5 elements: 1) History; 2) the moral character of a Saint; 3) Cultivation; 4) Ability; 5) Theory.
Thank you for your question!
Namo Amitabha Buddha


Some people like to enjoy material life; some people like to learn about spiritual life and religion. Because, they think that human life is only temporary for a while, so the enjoyment of material life is also temporary because humans will also die one day. That is why they are curious and research about spiritual life and also religion.

We would like to share and answer the above questions that we have heard from Western researchers and Buddhist philosophies. The answers are right or wrong depend on the understanding and enlightenment of each person. The ultimate purpose of our life is how to live happily and share our happiness with everyone. Only then does our life have value!


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